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Deferred MBA Programs in USA, India, Europe

Updated: May 24, 2020

Deferred MBA provides assured deferred enrollment to its inexperienced MBA admits, upon completion of full-time employment, usually stipulated for two years. For instance, Harvard Business School’s 2+2 deferred MBA program renders its selects a period of 2 years to gather gainful work experience before joining the 2-year full-time MBA program. And it is only open to candidates who are college seniors about to graduate, or post-graduates (only MS) who have never had a full-time job. Advantages of a Deferred MBA Program:- The program offers college seniors the option of starting early in the MBA game. It combines the goodness of a reputed international MBA, which ordinarily seeks experienced candidates, with early-career MBA. Students don’t have to wait too long before commencing on a high-flying career post-MBA. If a student, stays on track, he may receive lucrative job offers by his mid-20s. The company of other more experienced classmates could serve as a means to grow a highly beneficial network, replete with knowledge, otherwise unavailable to individuals interested in following a career in business management. Candidates, selected in deferred MBA programs, have the luxury of the peace of mind of a well-planned career path, not bestowed on their contemporaries who don’t have an assured entry into a reputed MBA program. They, by virtue of their youth, are risk-takers. There are fewer personal commitments and they are aptly placed to take on the high-intensity MBA training and face challenges with vigour. Their age also makes them more responsive to new ideas.

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